Jul 24, 2010


I don't advertise vacation time anywhere online because I'm told that if I do that, I may as well leave the key to my place under my mat. But it sure is nice to just disappear and come back and discover I've been missed. Very nice, and I love the two of you who have said so. :-D

I have had such an heady adventure. I have been an American in France, which went amazingly well. The French are very nice, even when you don't know the lingo. Menus have translations and a phrase book and a lot of bonjours and mercis go a long way. The heady part isn't the joy in discovering I could order food without trouble, but the visits to World War II museums, the walk on Juno Beach, the view over Omaha Beach and the tears I shed walking among the crosses in the American cemetery.

It's going to take me a bit to digest all that. It'll be easier sharing photos from Bremen…

…And a drive through Paris. We had a brief stop at the Trocadéro, and my photos of the Eiffel tower are annoying, because they do not convey how f***ing huge that tower is. It is simply massive-looking and the only thing you are able to see at first. It is very close, too, immediately below the Trocadéro, but when the camera lens captures it, the structure just shrinks off into the distance. It ends up not being much bigger than all the tiny versions of it hanging from the hawkers' belts and spread on their blankets.

In Bayeux we saw the famous Bayeux tapestry, which I have no photos of, since that was strictly forbidden. But I was very happy to see it and will return to it and other places on this blog.

But this is going to take a while for me to put into words:

Actually, I hope the feeling of overwhelm at the insanity and sacrifice and daring and 65 years of peace and prosperity never leaves me.

Jul 7, 2010

Jul 3, 2010

Added some links

So, if you scroll down a bit, there's a list of stuff I read. I have a lot of this on RSS-feeds but decided to share here.

Under the category "READ" are blogs and sites that are mostly for reading but may contain photos. Here be some good writing by friends - not necessarily opinions or language you'd agree with, but good writing - a couple of health blogs, a blog for web designers and design junkies, and the official Getting Things Done blog.

Under the category "VIEW" are blogs and sites that mostly for looking at or watching. In the first four are three friends of mine who photograph, and do so very well. Don't miss! The Periodic Table of Videos and Sixty Symbols offer videos that explain chemistry and physics, respectively. I would have aced my high school chemistry class and maybe gone into physics if I'd had these videos! Ugly Overload and Walk the Wilderness are about critters: One has the intent of finding things humans deem unappealing, the other explores wildlife reserves in India.

Finally: "LAUGH". That header could have read LOL, but I decided to be nice to the "so, this is an internet?" crowd. Yes, we still have some of those. (Welcome!) Comics I Don't Understand is for people who don't understand the comics. I first had it categorized under "Read" because the point are the comments, but since the comments often are funnier than the comics, it's in this category. Cute Overload could be under "View" but the intent is humor so here it is. The next two are witty commentaries on life, aided by unfortunate traffic signs and lots and lots of cats and misspelled English. And then there's the actual joke telling.

Yeah, I can't always get through all this stuff in one sitting, either, but if you have a rainy day or a weekend, here's your reading list!