Nov 7, 2008

My plan worked!

There is a hall monitor in my building. OK, not like in school, but basically those who live in a building take turns being the go-to person for complaints and light bulbs. That last is very important, especially in winter. Our stairwell has landings on each floor and halfway between each floor. There is a single light fixture with a single light bulb on each landing. My landing gets light from the landing halfway above, its own bulb, and the landing halfway down.

Now, if one bulb goes out, the other two still help one see. Two went out, and I could still manage to tell if the daily newspaper was left on my mat, but not enough to identify anyone through my peephole. But when all three went out, I started waiting for the upstairs neighbor who is currently in charge of changing light bulbs (he gets them for free from our co-op office) to change these light bulbs.

A couple of weeks passed. Finally, I took matters into my own hands. I could have gone upstairs and asked my neighbor to change the bulbs, but I had a couple left over from when I was "hall monitor" so I chose to change the bulb in front of my door myself a couple of days ago. Ah, much better!

I figured that doing that may send the message to my upstairs neighbor to get on the ball with the other burned out bulbs. And he did. I came home today to a properly lit stairwell, lights burning on every landing.

I'm so pleased my plan worked!


Protege said...

I am happy your plan worked, there is nothing worst than a dark stairwell.:)
Found your blog by chance; I too display the “Vitruvian Man” in my header.
Greetings from Denmark.:)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Hallo, Danmark! Velkommen! The Vitruvian Man fits your header very well, I think.