Nov 20, 2008

Blizzard day

I should call it a snow day, but on my way home, the snow came at me from all directions, making it pure guesswork which way to angle the umbrella. But when it's snow, it doesn't matter in the same way as when it's rain.

I tried to capture the thin layer of snow, enough to turn the lawns white, before the light faded completely (it's not 4:30 pm yet, and already it's dark out). The asphalt is bare because the janitor has already sprinkled salt on it.

Snow and fading light make things look black and white. This close-up of the trunk of the cherry tree in front of my building looks more like a study in pen and ink than a color photograph.


Sparkling Red said...

We had our first snow here a few weeks ago, but last night's snowfall was the first to stick around instead of melting. :-p Winter isn't supposed to start until December!

alice said...

Brrrr! It's windy and cold here, too, but no snow so far... It's so pretty!

Sravana said...

We had a pretty nice cold front come through this evening... it's quite gusty outside right now, and looks to be in the mid 40s tonight. And if it's that cold in San Antonio... I can imagine that the folks in the Great Plains are gonna freeze tonight. brrrr.

No snow here, good thing. It never snows here.

Tom said...

You know, if that snowfall had happened in the UK, the whole transport system would have shutdown!

You mentioned in your comment in the "slippery when wet" post that you were interested in what people see in your pictures. My first thought when seeing these pictures was that it looked like a very well-kept university campus. If that's a place where "regular" people and families live, I'm really impressed. It's so well taken care of.

Nicole said...

I guess winter's there, mh?
I like snow, I just hope we don't get snowed in like a few years ago :D

Keera Ann Fox said...

Spark, after a couple of winters with nothing but rain, rain, rain from October to February, I am very happy to see snow at this time.

Alice, not only pretty, but silencing. I like the hush.

Sravana, the wind's still coming from all directions, but tomorrow it'll be calming down to a breeze - from the north. Which gives us clear skies.

Tom, the first snow always catches somebody by surprise here. "What? Winter? Ice? But, but, I'm still driving with summer tires!" And then they cheerfully assume that they'll be fine. Yesterday, some folks were stuck for three hours because one truck didn't have winter tires. I'm grateful I walk.

Nicole, winter's here. I have never experienced being snowed in, thank goodness. The thought alone makes me feel claustrophobic. :-)

Beep said...

We were supposed to have a few drops of rain today...the kind a friend of mine describes pretty accurately as "spit". But our hopes were dashed. No water from the sky...again.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I wish California got rain. You guys need it! However, the downside of rain after fires are mudslides. :-/