Aug 28, 2008

Things to do while sick

  1. Exchange text messages (and cyberhugs) with a sick friend
  2. Call boss and feel terrible about the work I'm not there to do
  3. Make myself pancakes
  4. Doze off to the radio
  5. Take extra vitamin C
  6. Don favorite lounging outfit and curl up in sofa
  7. Watch daytime TV (nothing much missed there)
  8. Reorganize DVD shelf
  9. Watch a Marx Brothers DVD (and wish for an entire DVD with just Harpo playing the harp)
  10. Solve a lot of sudoku puzzles
  11. Keep reading "Harmonic Wealth" and making an intention list
  12. Feel fever come and go
  13. Be grateful there's enough food in the house to make tasty, healthy meals
  14. Make said tasty, healthy meals
  15. Stay curled up in sofa
  16. …when not at computer
  17. Read about how cows always orient themselves to magnetic north
  18. Get phone call from boss saying work I wasn't there to do got done (which means if I'm still sick tomorrow, I can stay home without worry)
  19. Book a trip for September because colds don't last forever
  20. Catch up on recorded TV-shows (and make room on hard disk for more recording)
  21. Burn CDs for a friend
  22. Wonder what to blog about


Jon said...

You are way too busy for a sick person! You are certainly making the best of it, though. Get well soon!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Not that busy. I didn't get around to burning the CDs. (And thanks!)

Anonymous said...

oh rats, just read above comment, was going to say, yippeee.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Well, if it's any comfort, I couldn't get out to the post office, either, so… :-) But they're in the works!