May 25, 2008

At the fountain

Lured by a free outdoor concert I took a trip to town on a glorious Sunday afternoon. Me and my camera. Among the things I wanted a picture of was the sparrows' favorite drinking spot.

I had noticed them a couple of times before as I walked by on other occassions. They had found the perfect perch (though I think it's actually a carp - HA!) in one of the city's older fountains, featuring a crying boy, which is understandable as he is perpetually showered by four fish.

The sparrows were there again today, so I walked over and got my camera ready. The sparrows, of course, scattered. Darned skittish birds, they are. So I waited. And they didn't take long to come back, though a bit cautiously:

They didn't wait long to move around to the other side of the fountain:

And there they are, on this one particular fish in the fountain, drinking and bathing.

Other birds are not able to balance on the bronze fish's back and drink. They rely on puddles formed on the wall surrounding the fountain:

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