Feb 25, 2008

An orchid for Miz UV

Because she really was fast! (And totally game.)

It really wasn't until I got an orchid as a gift and took a good look at this odd plant, that I began to realize why people like this flower. It is one of the planet's most common flowers, with the tropical varieties being what we appreciate as potted plants, while local varieties, just as beautiful but far more modest, get left alone next to a rainy path in Fyllingsdalen. Some time this summer, I will try to get a good picture of the local wild orchid. In the meantime, here is a Photoshopped version of an immigrant that used to sit on my desk:


alice said...

I love orchids. I have several in my kitchen window and one plant, which hasn't had flowers in about a year recently burst into blossoms. It's an incredible process to watch, all year round!

Sparkling Red said...

I've never had an orchid in my home, but I might need to get one soon. They are very beautiful. The more time you have to spend with them, the more entrancing they are.

Miz UV said...

Beautiful! Thank you. :)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Alice, I have figured out how to keep my deflowered orchid at work going. The last one I had lost its leaves; this one I can see is flourishing.

Spark, that's what I discovered, too, that spending time with them leads me to discover more about them. I've stopped thinking of them as Nero Wolf's delicate hobby, and now see them as a more robust joy.

Paula, you're most welcome. :-)