Jan 4, 2008

Christmas Eve all over again!

"Hi, do you know what day this is? It's Christmas Eve!" the voice on the phone said to me this afternoon. It took me a heartbeat, then I realized what he meant[1]: My new Intel iMac had arrived!

So instead of getting the grocery shopping done, I met with my Mac salesman at my office, to sign papers and photocopy ID, and then he also drove my new toy/joy home for me. What service!

Part of the fun of a new Mac is opening the very clean and non-cluttered box and just pulling out the machine and parking it on the desk. Part of the fun is that absolutely giddy joy from having a brand-new iMac to unpack and put on the desk. The downside is the sad farewell I have to say to my gorgeous and faithful old iMac. I wonder if I can part with it? It is so cute, y'know?

I ordered the 24" screen. I was rather surprised at how huge 24" is. I mean, I felt like I'd bought one of those big flat-screen TVs. Well, actually, I have, if I get a TV tuner. :-) It makes my beloved "desk lamp" iMac look tiny (and at the time, that was the largest one - 17" screen).

The old Mac is hooked up to the new one with a FireWire cable and everything that is me is moving from one to the other. It's proof that reincarnation is not just a theory or belief.

Isn't that screen awesome? So glossy! So the first thing I did after I finished the transfer of my soul from one material container to a new one, I popped in a DVD and watched it on a nice hi-def flat screen (I moved the desk around so I can watch movies on my Mac from the sofa in comfort). Complete with the immensely dinky - and I'm sure absolutely easy to misplace and not find for three and a half months - remote control:

In taking the photos for this blog post, I discovered a couple of things: A good place to put the little remote (right-hand drawer, which is also where I keep the USB-cable for the camera) and that the new iMac is so fast that 26 photos were off my camera and into iPhoto in literally a heartbeat (my resting rate is 60 per minute). Versus the I-have-time-to-refill-my-coffee-cup speed I was used to.

[1] Presents are opened on Christmas Eve in Norway. Or on January 4, depending on your Santa. ;-)


Hanne Sofie said...

Grattis!!! :-D Nå har du litt å fikle med...
Som jeg får når jeg får mitt nye kamera! *glede seg*

Sparkling Red said...

Congratulations! I just got the same IMac in September - my birthday gift to myself. I love it!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Takk, Hanne! Helgen er i boks! :-D

You a Virgo, Sassy? :-D Congrats on your b-day gift!

Nothing but Mac-users here, I see. We girls rock!

alice said...

Beautiful! A couple of the graphic design guys have the huge screen macs at the office and I like to stop and pat them as I walk by! ;-D

Keera Ann Fox said...

The guys or the screens? ;-)