May 7, 2007

Fine woman all fine again

In regards to Saturday's post about a certain work situation: Meetings today resolved it all. However, I have chosen to remove that part in Saturday's post and any comments relating to it. I would love to be able to talk about my job, etc., but I neither want to be dooced nor accidentally badmouth my company. I have been employed there for over half my life, I have just realized (wow!), and it is a very good employer. Case in point: My situation that got resolved swiftly and happily for all parties today, and I got kudos[1] for the way I handled it.

I am not sorry for my initial post. I was somewhat shocked about what had happened, and the feedback I got from my readers, as well as their (your) concern and advice, has helped make this situation easier for me. I am sorry your comments to Saturday's post had to go because of what was being commented on, but I hope you can feel me reaching out through cyberspace to give each of you a big, warm hug of gratitude.

[1]Did you know "kudos" is a singular Greek word? I always thought it was Japanese. What is Japanese, is "honcho". I always thought that was a Spanish word, like macho. Which, for a moment there, I thought was Italian. OK, I'm done.


Paula said...

I'm glad it worked out well and no worries about my comment. It was smart to delete it all. :)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Time for an anonymous blog? Naw... :-)

Lou Minatti said...

Hi, Keera! I like your blog. Except for that wacky astrology stuff. :-)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Well, hiya, Lou! Nice to see you! Not much (if any) astrology any more, which is one reason I renamed the blog. But wacky is still on-topic. Definitely.