Jan 27, 2007

Mixed feelings

Via Alice I have learned of the blog Don to Earth making the rounds and gaining an understandably larger following. The 93-year-old man who writes it, writes well and, as Alice notes, thoughtfully. If I were to start reading another (new) blog at this point (I currently have little time for my regular reads and just weeded a bit), I'd definitely read Don's.


Don is 93. He just had a minor stroke. His wife is ailing and has been moved to a nursing home. My grandma died at almost 95 of a massive stroke in a nursing home. This is hitting a little too close to (my) home. I can feel that my heart is just not ready to take the chance on delighting in another person of my grandma's generation, and possibly having to relive losing that person.

Dammit. I know I'm going to miss out on some fine writing. I've read enough to know that.

Me and my aching heart will get back to you on this. We need to think… In the meantime, you can go check out Don's blog.

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