Dec 14, 2006

My body is boss

Not sure what I did, but apparantly, my body is not happy with me getting all ready to be busy again. It therefore pulled a muscle or something in my ribs on Tuesday afternoon. Hah, says my body, that'll keep you from doing whatever with wild abandon!

Fine. I apparantly need a longer rest than the virus is giving me (coughing's almost gone) and this how my body tells me. I've never injured my ribs before in any way so this is new. It makes coughing quite the challenge. I roll over onto the hurt side, press my arm into my ribs and that helps. If I don't, I get a sharp pain right under my boob. For some reason, I just don't feel like letting my doctor see my boob, so I'm going to let time take care of this. Nothing hurts unless I cough or do sidestretches or keep my arms in the air for longer than one shampooing, so I figure nothing's broken and that it's not a hernia.

I'm one of those people who listens to her body and who has a body who will definitely "talk" to her. I get passed a note, and I read it, and I look at my body and nod, and my body nods back, and we enter a secret deal where I let my body get some rest. My body passes me a new note when it feels better. Any change away from usual healthy behaviors is a note from my body.

We get along wonderfully, my body and I. No injuries, no long-term illnesses, nothing chronic, no pain. We do these occassional immune defense system tests or bouts of IBS and that's about it. They are reminders along the lines of, "I function very well for you. I am an excellent container for your soul in this lifetime and I'm easy-going and strong and I heal very quickly. So what's with the gas-inducing tortilla? You know better! I'm not junk, don't feed me junk! And this emotional stuff that's affecting me? Get your head straightened out. Relax and be happy so I can, too! Thanks."

My body is both tougher and more flexible than I am. I am truly blessed.

Astrology: I have the moon (emotions) in Gemini (talking, thinking, note-taking) in 6th house (health, routines). Of course I talk to myself and answer back. ;-)


Tim said...

Perhaps I should start telling my body to settle down and relax a bit. If I went by your standards, then it would appear that my body and I are on a militaristic mission.

Keera Ann Fox said...

No, you don't tell your body; your body tells you. At least, that's how it works for me.

Tim said...

The only thing my body ever says is one word - "ow".

Keera Ann Fox said...

That should tell you something. ;-)