Dec 13, 2006

10 songs I'm embarrassed I like

I've been tagged by Hanne, a fellow Mac-user here in Norway, to admit to ten songs I'd rather the world didn't know I like. Thing is, I either don't have songs like that, or I've already admitted to them.

Uhm, but if I dig a bit deeper, then I have to admit to liking so-called Christian rock. Hits me just right, like a Disney theme song or your typical "hit song" in a movie about a hit song. They are all basic major chord pop songs, much like the most popular entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. And I do have some songs that I like, but that I know are cheesy.

So here are the 10 worst songs/artists I can think of admitting to owning and liking (in no particular order).

  • There's Whole Lot Of Loving / Six
    Six voices, attractive clean-cut young people, G-rated lyrics, and very dancable major chord pop. No evergreen except in my ears.
  • Loves Theme / Barry White (Love Unlimited Orchestra)
    I actually associate this song with travelling down the Mississippi on a raft with a very cute Huckleberry Finn as played by a young Jeff East in "Tom Sawyer". Other than that, it is one of my all-time favorite instrumentals. Disco beat, and strings strings strings! Love those strings!
  • An old Monza commercial jingle
    It had a nice build-up. A few heartbeats of bliss. Always got my attention.
  • America / Neil Diamond
    Wonderful "anthem" complete with flag, pride, hope, future - and that reminds me: I want the soundtrack to "The Muppet Movie" so I can hear Fozzie say "Patriotism swells in the heart of the American bear." It's like that.
  • From A Distance / Bette Midler
    My new Christmas song of choice. Cheesy electronics (can you say "eighties"?) instead of a real orchestra (ya shoulda sprung for the band, Bette!). A few stupid moments in the lyrics, but most are sane and meaningful. Hits me right. Makes me think of tinsel and hope.
  • I'm A Train / Albert Hammond
    It's about a man who thinks he's a train. Catchy. I wish I had the courage to sing it to myself in public.
  • Village People
    I'll still rock to songs like "Ready For The 80's", "Go West" and "Do You Wanna Spend The Night", and do a bit of voyeuring in my mind to "Fire Island".
  • Ring Ding Ding (Original Radio Edit) / Pondlife Featuring Froggy Frogspawn
    I don't usually go for novelty songs. They get old so fast. But this one, complete with sped-up vocal imitations of a motorcycle engine and body noises that are supposed be either a croak, a burp or a fart, cracks me up. Especially if I think it's a fart. Made in Sweden, of course.
  • A New Day Has Come / Celine Dion
    Nothing screams "Loser" in Norway like liking Celine Dion, but I bought the album "A New Day Has Come", not just the song. Favorite cuts are the title track, "I'm Alive" and "Sorry For Love". Deal.
  • Ole Ivars
    There is one other thing that screams "Loser" in Norway louder than liking Celine Dion and that is liking dance music bands like Ole Ivars. While you're busy criticizing my choice of music, I'll be on the dance floor having the time of my life.

Hey, I managed to fill the list! By the way, I don't own any Christian rock.



Paula said...

How fun! I love all Neil Diamond songs, plus "I Think I Love You" by David Cassidy, stuff from Andy Gibb, Bee Gees disco songs, Abba, and most of the songs on the Wee Sing in Sillyville video. Oh, and some songs from the Olsen sisters' videos, too! I'm sure there are more...

Ann-Kristin-monstah said...

Ole Ivars!? XD Koffor ikkje bare Sputnik i samma slengen liksom? Hehe. Neida.

Tim said...

Nah, I wouldn't be embarrassed by most of those. You like what you like. But then, this is coming from a guy that can listen to Mozart in one moment, the move on to Metallica, Weird Al Yankovic or Squirrel Nut Zippers in the next. Just consider yourself amongst us - "the happily odd". ;)

Keera Ann Fox said...

Paula, I was thinking of tagging you. Maybe I should so you can finish that list. ;-)

Ann-Kristin, jeg har faktisk aldri hørt Sputnik. Nei, jeg er ikke lei meg.

Tim, I'm pretty much the same way in regards to music, as well as having a mainstream taste. But there are some attitudes in Norway that suggest that some music just isn't tasteful enough. Like Ole Ivars. :-)

Tim said...

Well, I personally happen to like Ole Ivars, and many other "unpopular" Norwegian artists. I also like the supposed goofball "rappers" like DJ Ravi - mostly because of the fact that a little red-headed bearded guy like that is even considered in the rap genre.

As far as Eurovision goes, most of that music is terrible all across the board. How on earth the contest continues year after year is well beyond me. I've heard 10-year-olds from Backwater, Mississippi perform much better.

Keera Ann Fox said...

I was watching the Eurovision Song Contest this spring and it suddenly dawned on me that white trash is not a US invention, but a, uh, white invention. ;-)

Anonymous said...

what !!! liking Ole IVars means Im a loser!! if you dont like him, you are a loser. I love him, want to plan next trip to Norway around him.

Keera Ann Fox said...

That should be interesting, considering "him" is a whole band. You groupie, you. ;-)