May 31, 2006

Friday 8 to 10 am

This has been such a weird day at work, for many of us. As we left today, we took home any personal must-have items. We turned off all computers and photocopiers. We transferred our phones to the switchboard. We put an auto-response on our e-mail. We left employer-owned cell phones and PCs at the office. Not until after midnight today will we know if this was all unnecessary.

If negotiations break down tonight, we're on strike tomorrow. And if we are on strike tomorrow, we will likely be on strike for a couple of weeks. In which case, I will be on the picket line Friday from 8 to 10 am at the north entrance to our subterranean parking, sporting a wordy sign about our right to veto changes in pension plans.

Honestly, I've never been on strike and would love to find out what it's like. But I do have mixed feelings. I don't like picketing my employer. I like my employer. Many co-workers understand the conflict in emotions; they feel it, too. But it's the principle of the thing, and all of Norway is concerned with it this year.

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