Jan 19, 2006

Meming (is that a word?) again

I knew I needed to blog because it's been a while, but what about? So I came across this meme at ultraviolet's. No, she ain't tagging and neither am I. Anyway:

1. When you look at someone what is the first thing that you notice?

The little things, like a stray lock of hair.

2. What is your favorite, if any: dark, milk or white chocolate?


3. River, lake or ocean?


4. Have you ever been streaking?

I'm going with ultraviolet's answer on this one: God, no. I'd freeze to death!

5. What music do you like to hear when on a romantic date?


6. Do you ride horses?

Versus eating them, you mean?

7. If you could own three vehicles of your choice what would they be?

A Segway, an industrial strength helicopter, and a Toyota Prius.

8. Do you hate your job?

Not once.

9. Do you like the nine to five grind?

Yes! If only it actually was 9 to 5, but my boss would rather I show up around 8.

10. What would be your dream job?

Retired. Or guru.

11. Paper or plastic?

Oh, the bag thing. In Norway, all bags are plastic and that suits me fine.

12. The Earth is a living organism and if we keep mistreating the earth it will no longer sustain life?

Yes. It'll no longer sustain human life. The bacteria, rats and cockroaches will always manage.

13. When you cook (you do cook don't you?), do you wash pots and pans as you go or do you wait until everything is done?

I'm a clean-as-I-go sort of cook, i.e. wiping off counters and putting stuff in the sink. I don't actually wash up until done, though.

14. If you are hot and want to drink some water, do you like it cold, ice cold or lukewarm?

Cool, not cold.

15. Do you enjoy going to the gym?


16. What type of movies do you like?

Good ones. What kind of question is this? Oh, you mean genre. Sci-fi, mystery/action/thriller, comedy.

17. It is raining and cold, you are alone, the fire place is burning and the electricity is out, what do you do?

Well, except for having a fire place, that's pretty much what it's like around here. Oh, except that I have electricity. But if the power goes out, it's usually because of a thunderstorm, so I'd light some candles, grab a wool blanket, and park myself next to the window and watch the show.

18. Do you think this meme is too long?

No, because I skipped ahead and I know that there's only 20 questions.

19. Why do you think that I put so many questions on this meme?

I'm wondering why you put in so few.

20. Will you ever do a meme again?

Probably. I'm doing one now, aren't I?

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