Oct 13, 2004


I am feeling restless and have the urge to do something. I can't, however, seem to wrap my head around the weather astrology, that is, I can't seem to find the focus for it. And so, my goal of trying to make a weather forecast for the autumn in Bergen using astrology, is put on the back burner. I wonder sometimes if I should keep doing astrology.

Well, that's another matter.

Right now, the matter is the book I have inside of me. I attended the Raptus festival last weekend, Norway's comics convention, and observed that a lot of artists are actually drawing themselves. One artist's thick, short eyebrows show up in all his male characters. Another artist does large, round eyes, which he has. Yet another lends his thick, short hair to his characters, and a slight woman with small features and huge eyes is mirrored in her main female character.

Which all made me think of writers. It is said that every writer's first novel is actually an autobiography. Writing what you know, means drawing on yourself, for the new writer.

And that made me think that I have a book inside, that there's something autobiographical I could get down on paper, so why don't I?

So again, the urge to write is upon me, and I do think it has to do with Jupiter in Libra, because that transit triggers my Midheaven (goals, vocation) which is in Libra, an Air sign (and Air signs are prominent in writer's charts). Jupiter means expansion so the "hobby" wants expanding. My Midheaven (MC) also trines my Airy Gemini Moon, so a transit to one or the other gets me typing.

Jupiter won't stay long in Libra, but it will then transit my Mercury (also writing-related) in Scorpio, which sextiles the ruler of my MC (Venus) so I should have momentum for a while.

So I'm going to get cracking on "The Great American in Norway Novel". Or something.

PS: When I draw, all my characters have arched eyebrows and cupid's bow lips. Guess what I have? ;-)