Mar 24, 2003

Det er blitt den årstiden som det er vanskeligst å kle seg for. Man går i vinterklær fordi det fortsatt er kaldt – men plutselig bryter solen igjennom og den varmer forbausende godt, og man går ettermiddagen i møte med altfor mye klær. Jeg håper jeg klarer å finne en løsning i år på dette.

Mar 19, 2003

I woke up thinking about two stupid men today. Two men who are willing to risk the lives of hundreds or thousands of their citizens – because they're, well, stupid.

My view as I type is of two still-naked birch trees. No. 1 is closest to my living room window, No. 2 is behind it. In No. 2, two magpies are building a nest for the first time. Magpie nests are made out of longish twigs and have a couple of entries/exits and a roof. Quite elaborate and can withstand storms, though it just looks like a mess to human eyes. I watch the busy couple constantly gather twigs, and put them in place according to some blueprint only they know. One magpie had also found a large piece of bread, and just managed to escape to the safety of the tree only a couple of tail-lengths ahead of a seagull. Seagulls can't sit in trees. The magpie got to keep its prize.

I enjoy watching this little drama (and promise) of life, rather than thinking about two stupid men.

That nest is starting to look big. In a couple of months, there will be eggs hatching in it.

Mar 17, 2003

My thoughts on my New Age Fair experience (March 7–9) are now up, on their own pages, both in English and på norsk.

Mar 15, 2003

I just love this. I'm supposed to blog in order to say what's on my mind. Sometimes my mind has nothing at all on it that can translate into print. These past couple of days, everything I do is to the theme from the TV-series "L.A. Law".

I have not been lazy, just not blogging. Today I gave a couple of astrology readings at a café in town, Molino Kaffebar. I will be doing that every 2nd Saturday. I feel a bit knocked out now (like I need a nap) and I wonder if that's from doing the readings. This week I've been enjoying the start of spring and lovely weather. I made a web page of some pictures I took.

I'm also in the process of writing about my New Age Fair experiences, in both Norwegian and English, and will post a web page about that soon.

Mar 13, 2003

What greeted me this morning around 9 am, when I went to shut my bedroom window. I just love the way the sun shines through the trees, leaving long shadows.

I'm done with the New Age fair and I had more fun than not. I will be writing about my experiences, but for now, there is a photo album at (my Norwegian astrology site – new, so there's not much there yet.)

Mar 6, 2003

Since I last checked in:

  • The trees have begun to bud (pics next week).
  • The weather is decidedly milder.
  • The New Age Fair starts tomorrow. Have to set up our stands tonight.
  • I've been offered to give astrology readings for pay at a local café (did I mention that already?).
  • I've had my bangs trimmed.
  • My grandma is doing better.
  • I fiddled with CSS and made an astrology page for my "professional self" in Norwegian. Astrologi- (og messe-) interesserte kan kikke her:
  • I will get around til CSS-ing the rest of my pages and especially my blog page. :-)
  • Have the week off work next week. Nice!
  • My health is good.
  • My friends are even better.
  • I've panicked, fretted, regretted, loved, enjoyed, been tickled by my decision to do the astrology.
  • Most importantly: The Universe has been backing me all the way. I have asked for help and opportunities and have gotten everything I asked for and more. I feel blessed.