Nov 29, 2003

I haven't done this in years. I awoke, in my own bed, and haven't a clue how I got there.

Yes, I've been to a party (a retirement party for a co-worker who started at our company at age 16 and now is taking early retirement at age 64). Yes, I drank and ignored Grandma's advice not to drink after midnight. Somewhere around 3 AM, I left with the other two stragglers and made my way home.

I just awoke around 8:30 AM. In my bed, in my bra and panties. I can't remember how I got there. I don't remember coming home and undressing. I remember getting into a taxi and that's it. Obviously, at the time, I remembered where I live and told the driver, but I can't remember getting out my purse and paying. And I can't remember fishing out my keys, letting myself in and getting myself to bed. At all.

I still had on my jewelry when I woke and took them off. I called for my cat. She answered. Curled up in the bed next to me, were my watch and nightshirt. I got up and got a drink of water. I found my boots and pantyhose in the guest room. I still haven't found my top and skirt. Maybe they're in the bathroom. The light was on in there and the door open when I woke up, which was my first clue something was askew.

I'm going back to bed. When I'm completely sober, I may solve the mystery of how I got here.

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