Sep 5, 2003

It may very well be that Mercury Rx in Virgo may very well have something to do wiht general energy levels. But I'm wondering that only because both a friend of mine and I have been feeling tired earlier in the evening this week.

To any clutterbugs out there, FlyLady works! But she's not kidding about the baby steps. I finally gave up and started doing exactly what FlyLady herself did: Nothing but shining the kitchen sink. Basically, not so much shining as doing the dishes every evening. I have been able to that, with only a couple of missed evenings, since August 18th. No more piles of dishes in the sink. And I've noticed the same effect that FlyLady noticed: It made me want to clean off the counter next to the sink. I've wiped down the stove a bit more often than before. I felt like wiping down the cupboard doors. I finally pitched a lot of plastic containers, washed and stacked on my counter for months, in the recycling bin. Other benefits: I remember to take my vitamins. I take them in the evening, after I've done the dishes. Haven't missed any now.

FlyLady says it takes a month to get a new habit. So I'm focusing only on the kitchen sink. Baby step. Hopefully, by September 18th, doing the dishes every night and wiping down my sink, will be automatic. It certainly no longer feels like a chore. Yes, you read correctly: It's not a chore.

Exactly what will be my next daily chore, I'm not sure. Probably the bathroom sinks.

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