May 2, 2003

My mood has definitely improved.

Firstly, I found out that Grandma just got a cut, and needed a few stitches and would be coming home today. I was there to meet her and we had a pleasant afternoon together.

Secondly, I had a nice "chat" via SMS with a good friend who is also interested in astrology, and he gave me more food for thought. I started brainstorming on how to get Norwegians interested in more than what seem to be straight yes-or-no questions. If I reach any conclusion, I'll let you know.

Thirdly, my home has been badly neglected – and that means I'm neglecting myself. I want to be able to invite friends over on impulse and I don't want to constantly be looking for things. I've decided to turn the stereo on loud this weekend and get some housework done, and then start maintaining. I hope to follow FlyLady's routines.

Focusing on my home, my immediate environment, is also an attempt on my part to nurture myself. I've discovered that I'm very good at indulging myself, but not at nurturing. Also, I'm not good at enouraging, or rather, rewarding myself. Y'know, actually letting my inner voice tell me I done good. So, I'm thinking about paying myself to, well, clean my room. You see, I really want an iPod. So, paying myself to clean house would be a way to save towards the iPod. This is inspired by something I saw on a Dr. Phil episode, about setting managable goals and being able to tell if you've achieved them.

Now all I have to do is decide what I'm worth as a live-in maid.