Apr 11, 2003

Been a while. Again.

Well, since last I wrote, I had a night out on the town. Sometimes you just have to immerse yourself in something else besides the usual and it had been a while since I had gone dancing or drunk anything stronger than coffee. So, some friends and I went to an 80's show, and got all nostalgic for the era of mullet hairdo's (hockeysveis, på norsk), hot pink and black clothes, pointy shoes and drum machines. The bartender was a jolly Black man from St. Louis, Missouri, and he was as magical with his hands as Tom Cruise in "Cocktail". I get so fascinated I end up drinking too much. Well, on the dance floor, we were rocking to old favorites and "head-banging". I gave myself a slight whiplash! And before we even made it to the nightclub, we were playing 80's tunes and drinking wine and dancing on the living room floor at my friend Lise's. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I had a great evening. Good friends and good music makes me happy.

I've been pretty happy the whole time, since last I wrote. I had lots of energy last week. Even felt like cooking dinner from scratch for me and my friend Torleif. A relaxing Friday evening with rockfish "burgers" and oven-cooked fresh vegetables, including three types of mushrooms. We parked ourselves in front of the DVD and saw "Under Suspicion".

I keep wondering where all my energy is coming from. I've been feeling so good both physically and emotionally. I wondered if it was because my department has moved to our building's new, added-on 5th floor and we've been walking up five flights of stairs for three weeks. Then I noticed that Mars has been transitting my 1st house. If it's Mars, I'm going to miss it. :-)

I've missed giving astrology readings, but will be back at the café tomorrow. I hope I get customers!

On another note, I've noticed that the war in Iraq has crept under my skin, after all. I have not bothered to read about it, and the only news I get is on the radio in the morning. I haven't been watching the TV news because it always starts with what seems like a quarter of an hour of war, and I want the news. How did I notice it got me, after all? Casual comments suggesting that Americans think with their Bibles, not their brains, has brought back my painful past. When I was a kid in Norway, the Vietnam war was raging. We as Americans were treated negatively by a lot of Norwegians, who were against the war. I was bullied at school, and many adults refused to speak to my grandparents. They never actually asked what we thought. They just assumed that being Americans, we were for the war. It looks to me like the same thing is happening again, some 30+ years later.

It helps to remember that the people of a country do not necessarily think or act like their government, as odd as that may sound. Certainly, not every single citizen agrees with their government!

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