Feb 8, 2003

I feel good lately. Could just be transitting Venus crossing over my ascendant. Could be due to having something fun and self-fulfilling to look forward to and focus my energy on: The New Age fair in Bergen in March. I also have Chiron (keyword: Wounded healer) going through my first house, and it will be conjunct my Saturn exactly just a couple of days before the New Age fair.

I haven't studied Chiron much. The Wounded Healer is based on the mythology of the immortal centaur Chiron. He was a healer and assisted the gods. When he was mortally wounded, he couldn't die, because he was immortal. Instead, he had to keep living in pain, but continued to be a healer and teacher. Supposedly, where Chiron is in our chart, is where we are deeply wounded, but also where we have great resources. So I'm curious about having Chiron transitting my Saturn. Saturn rules career choices and karma. It's in my 1st house, so my karma is really about my personality, just simply who I am. Wounded Healer/Great Resources meets Karma/Career Choice.

In the meantime, I have some webpages to make and a brochure and the butterflies are taking speed and acting accordingly in my stomach.