Feb 14, 2003

Big yahoo!!! Wednesday I was asked to give astrology readings at a local café! Paid readings! On my day off from work. Yes, I accepted!

I read on the newsgroup alt.astrology.moderated that the Magi society's brand of astrology claims that Chiron transitting Saturn comes in years when something the native does "breaks up the relationship or marriage of another". Now, Saturn represents things that are the most permanent in nature. Saturn rules bones, rocks and time. Where Saturn is in your chart is where you have the most permanency, where things are long-term. This is why a good astrologer will look for Saturn contacts to see if a relationship will last.

The longest relationship in my life so far has been with my current employer; I have Saturn conjunct the ruler of my midheaven (MC), which means career. I will have been with the company for 20 years come April. That sort of permanency is very unusual for me, and has been totally unplanned for.

So what happens when Chiron now transits my natal Saturn? I get a chance to try an entirely different sort of job. How this will all turn out, I don't know.

But it's exciting, that's for sure!