Nov 27, 2002

Jeg vet aldri helt hva jeg skal synes om denne tiden på året. Visst er det fint med jul og alle aktivitetene, men jammen kommer julen tidligere og tidligere og det kan bli for mange aktiviteter på en gang.

Værmessig er det rett og slett kjedelig i år. Det er bart på bakken, det hender det blir +2 og kanskje litt duskregn, og så hender det at det blir -2 og kanskje speilis i gangveien. Jeg savner vinden. Jeg savner en skikkelig rengjørende plaskevær, gjerne med stiv kuling.

Dog, selv dette kjedelige har sine øyeblikk: I går kveld jobbet jeg litt sent. Gikk fra kontoret 17:30. Da fant jeg ut at jeg ville gå rundt vannet på min vei hjem. Måtte ha bevegelse og uteluft.

Jeg gikk forbi stokkendene som gakk-gakket mykt for seg selv, til lyden av en klukkende bekk. Jeg gikk langs en sti varmet av gule lys. Jeg stoppet opp og så rett opp på stjernene og kunne bare konstatere at jeg, utenfor sentrum, nå bor i en BY, med utrolig mye lysforurensning.

Lyset... Det var litt tåkedis innimellom haugene, litt utvisking av konturene, litt spredning av lysstrålene. Samtidig var det et hinne av is på hele Ortuvannet, slik at der jeg stod og så på blokker og gatelys som speilet seg, minnet det faktisk om kveldsbilder fra syden med lys mellom trærne. Men det var ikke syden, det var Fyllingsdalen, og det var vakkert og jeg var veldig glad for at jeg valgte å ta den lange veien hjem.

Nov 26, 2002

I used to live here. Well, not in the Apple Store at the Glendale Galleria, exactly, but in Glendale. What's changed since I left is that highway 11 (the Pasadena freeway) is now interstate 110 and the Galleria is much larger. It was big when it was built, too. "A mile long," we all said then. Open, airy, two levels, brick on the outside. OK for a mall.

Me, I'm not into malls per se. I like bookstores and novelty stores. I remember standing in the Galleria outside one shop that sold neon signs and novelty gifts. You could get a big red neon heart, or a see-sawing "fish tank" filled with colored oil so you have your own wave. I'm just like a magpie. If it's colorful or sparkles, I want it! Perhaps it's a good thing I was a broke student most of the time, huh. :-)

Colorado Boulevard, on Galleria's south side, borders on the Los Angeles river and the part where they painted the drain covers to look like cats, inspired by the shape of the covers' hinges.

Farther east from the Galleria, on Broadway, is Glendale high school which is where I went for two years after coming back from Norway. The view on the picture on the site is looking across the quad at the administration offices and library. John Wayne is said to have gone to Glendale high school though not in the buildings that exist today.

Nov 24, 2002

I had a friend over. He asked about my astrodice. I brought them out and we gave them a try. There are three 12-sided dice, one with planets, one with signs and one with houses. Toss them and get an answer based on the planet, sign and house that shows up. My friend had no particular question but tossed anyway and up came 9th house, Neptune and Cancer. I didn't have a particular question, either, but said that the dice could show the current frame of mind or situation, if nothing else. I got 9th house, Neptune and Virgo. How about that! We couldn't quite figure what that meant but were amused that we both got Neptune and 9th house.

My friend and I settled in for a night of movie-watching. First we watched a video, "The Straight Story", a story about a guy who travels clear across Iowa on a lawn-mower to visit his estranged brother. Then we watched on TV "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier", wherein the usual gang get hi-jacked to find Eden and go to a part of the Universe no one had gone to before. When that movie was over it hit me: Neptune rules movies, the 9th house is about long journeys and religious matters. The first movie was about a man trying to make amends with his brother, while not straying from his culture or roots (Cancer = family, roots, home). The second movie was about finding Shangri-La, Eden, Paradise, etc. A place of perfection, which is Virgo's area.

Now, how did the dice know that? ;-)

Nov 22, 2002

I came across an article about the Moon and health. And this one about finding health in the chart, starting with the planet that rules the Ascendant.

I'd like to add something about IBS: What I meant by oversensitive, is a purely physical reaction in the gut. The intestines just happen to be very responsive. But, I see just about every ill as psychosomatic, as having a connection to the emotions and thinking. The body and mind are one, in my experience. I'm sure that whatever makes me eat something that will upset my stomach, probably has an emotional or mental cause. I actually have good health; things that upset my body end up teaching me a healthier way to live in general, both physically, spritually and emotionally.

Blogger's been a bit iffy these last couple of days, but it – and I – are back.

My thoughts this week have been centered on my stomach. That happens fairly frequently and all my Googling has confirmed that what I have is IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If you have this, too, here are a couple of links I've found useful: and

There is astrology to this, too: IBS seems to have no particular cause except oversensitivity. I know I'm pretty aware of and curious about my body's functioning. Health in a chart (which looks like a pie chart in 12 slices) is shown primarily by the 6th house (the 6th slice of pie), secondarily by the Ascendant (1st slice of pie) and 8th house, and by the natural sign and planet of the 6th: Virgo and Mercury, respectively. The 6th house is also your environment, your surroundings, including your work environment. If you are sensitive, you will react that much more.

Here's my chart: In 6th, I have the Moon (feelings, nurturing) in Gemini. The 6th house cusp (where the knife divided a larger slice into 5th and 6th) is also in Gemini. An Air Moon, especially in Gemini, tends to Think Too Much, sometimes, but it also is why I seek information, especially about my health. I also have in my 1st house a bunch of Capricorn planets, which means my nature is to Take Things Very Seriously. Opposite my Capricorns, is a planet in Cancer. Cancer is a worry-wort. Cancer is also ruled by the Moon. My Moon is in my house of health. So there is a tie-in from one pondering facet of my chart to another, facets that need conscious work to keep me from thinking myself sick, for example. (Hence my interest in affirmations.)

Now, why my gut and not my teeth (1st house/Capricorn), for example? 6th house is the natural house of Virgo. Virgo rules intestines and digestion. Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury; Gemini's typical complaint has to do with lungs, while Virgo's is bowels. The focus in my chart is definitely Mercurial. When I was a kid I frequently had bronchitis.

So, I'm a "classic" for IBS: I'm very sensitive to my environment (Moon in 6th), I think a lot about it and thinking can lead to worrying, especially with Cancer-Capricorn in the mix. Mercury rules the mind and mine's in emotional Scorpio. The subconscious nail-biting is the worst, and is what hits my stomach.

Believe or not, this relatively long entry is barely scratching the surface of exploring health through astrology!

Nov 20, 2002

Decisions, decisions. To see "Signs" with Mel Gibson or "Blood Work" with Clint Eastwood. Tough call. If I go by who's starring, my choice is Clint.

I was a little too young for the Dirty Harry movies and spaghetti westerns, so my first introduction to Clint Eastwood was the movie "Every Which Way But Loose" and its sequel. I liked the orangutang and Ruth Buzzie better. Then I saw him in the 1989 picture "Pink Cadillac" and discovered he had more than one facial expression and a good deal of humor. Since then I've liked him. Clint's a Gemini. Clint's Saturn is in Capricorn, like mine, and is only 3 degrees from my Jupiter in Capricorn. No wonder he (and I) had to age first before I noticed him!

Mel Gibson just – is. I neither like nor dislike him, although I think he's a good actor. I really liked him in "Forever Young". Mel's a Capricorn and his Sun is 2 degrees further on than Clint's Saturn, which puts it closer to a conjunction with my Saturn. Perhaps that's why his charm has a harder time getting through to me.

Nov 19, 2002

Full moons always seem lovelier in the winter. More suited to it, in a way. Right now Bergen is covered in frost. Nice, fuzzy frost. At night, the full moon and street lamps make everything glitter and the clear sky above reveals brilliant stars. There is one thing about the night sky in Norway: You can't see the Milky Way clearly. Well, maybe you can. The Swedes call it "the Winter Road". Nice, huh.

The most noticeable constellation for me is Orion, with its characteristic three stars in its "belt". I always associate Orion's Belt with winter.

The Big Dipper is clear too and is called Karlsvogna in Norway. According to this page in Norwegian about Greek gods and astronomy, Karlsvogna is actually the goat-drawn chariot that the Norse god Tor road in. (Karl is related to Charles, a name meaning "man" and vogn is wagon). Hence the Norwegian name of the Big Dipper.

Nov 18, 2002

I decided to blog for fun and what do I do? I turn it into a guilt-trip. By not being around for a good while. Again. I have no idea who reads this but I figure the regulars want something to read. On the other hand, maybe you've been rilly, rilly bizzy too and appreciated the break.

The busy part seems universal. Autumn's like that. There's a sudden WHOOSH of frenzy, of tons of stuff to do. It hits everyone. And I've also found that creative juices ebb and flow along with other parts of life.

On Blogger's front page, I read: "Over 750,000 people have started. Isn't it your turn to say what's on your mind?" I haven't had anything in particular on my mind. Oh, there was some bits and pieces, but I wasn't inspired.

Odd, huh. A bit like going fishing, and seeing there's fish in the water, but not one bites. Oh, wait, there was a nibble, naw, it's gone. Sometimes the thoughts that pass through my brain looking for the Exit sign, just wanna stay inside and watch a movie and eat popcorn or something. Sometimes they're simply too young to be let out on their own. Too incomplete, too small, too insignificant. Most act like soap bubbles: They float a bit and then burst and are gone forever. Which is too bad, because some were quite pretty; there was a story in them.

Ah, well. The marsh that is my mind will experience agricultural run-off soon enough and once again be fertilized if not fertile.