Oct 23, 2002

Jeg kjenner lite til Oslo. Derfor leste jeg følgende websted (som opprinnelig var som en weboppgave for lærere) med stor interesse og fikk et glimt av "tigerstadens" mer folkelige side. Det er noe ved å oppdage hvordan det var en gang i tiden, noe med hva som trakk mennesker til et sted i utgangspunktet, noe med hvordan dagens travle, forurensede, bråkete by egentlig begynte som aldri slutter å fascinere meg. Å oppdage historien forteller mye om hvorfor folk kan bli glad i en by.

Oct 21, 2002

Fote seg, fote seg. Små, forsiktige skritt. Er det is eller bare vått?

Det er hålkeføre. En typisk vinterdag i Bergen.

Det snødde lørdag. Riktig vakkert var det, med store, myke flak som fløt i vinden. Vakkert for den som satt inne og ikke måtte være ute og kjøre, for eksempel. Hadde nå snøen ikke lagt seg – eller lagt seg skikkelig! Men dette er Bergen. Derfor måtte det ligge et lag med slaps til søndag – da det regnet.

Det regnet akkurat nok til å bløte opp snøen og forberede den på det neste, uunngåelige ved Bergen om vinteren: Å bli hålke. For det er jo klart at temperaturen måtte synke rett under nullpunktet etterpå.

Trærne har ikke sluppet alle bladene ennå. Dermed er det bare flekker under trærne hvor snøen ikke nådde – et uvanlig syn, men veldig hjelpsomt for en fotgjenger.

Det neste man gjør i Bergen er å be om mildvær, gjerne regn, for å få vekk hålken.

Den forbaskede, men åh, så typiske hålken.

Se deg for!

Oct 18, 2002

I got an involuntary "holiday" from blogging – first by being really busy and hardly home, and secondly by not having Internett access for a day.

So, since last I've been reading up a bit more on Quaoar. This article also has a nice picture showing the relative sizes of Earth, the Moon, Pluto and Quaoar. Quaoar is a Kuiper Belt Object (KBO), and Pluto may be one, too.

The Moon... American Lunar Society currently has some great pictures of it.

While we're on the subject of astronomy: Here's a web site created by astronomers, but is has nothing to do with the skies. Rather, it's a site for those who care about the Norwegian language and the correct spelling of its words. Så hvis du er norsk, og bryr deg om språket – eller kanskje du lurer på hva særskriving er for noe – så er Astronomer mot orddeling noe for deg.

Oct 13, 2002

I'm not used to being sick, so this past month has been unusual for me. However, I told all my friends that by this weekend, I would be well.

I had no idea how extensive my healing would be.

The sort of abscess I had is due to, according to Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life": "Anger in relation to what you don't want to release."

I had been fuming over, been resentful towards someone who had hurt me last summer. Someone I thought was a friend, accused me of doing some pretty vile things while visiting. I was shocked to receive an e-mail from X weeks after I got home, with these accusations, since while I was visiting there was no hint anything was wrong. We haven't communicated since.

But it did get to me. And due to whatever divine timing there is in the Universe, I got the abscess. So, I spent a sleepless night imagining that I was having a conversation with X. You can do that, when someone you need to clear the air with is physically unavailable to you. Have a conversation with them in your head. It can help you get things off your chest and move on. In my case, the conversation was pleasant and understanding, though not conclusive, but I did feel more at peace.

Then, a couple of days ago, I learned that X had said mean things about and to several other mutual friends. I realized then that my case was not unique, and that it wasn't just me; this was just how X is.

I felt relieved. I felt vindicated. I am free of that past. I am healed.

Oct 11, 2002

The moon was incredible this evening! It hung low and large, like a huge wedge of well-aged cheddar. I actually got hungry looking at it! I wish I had a camera so you could see it, too, completely filling the gap between two high-rises.

I have an update on my voyeuring, too (see Oct 1*): The little girl's room is being redecorated. Now that all the furniture is taken out, I can see that a mural was painted on her wall, featuring a meadow of flowers and what I believe is a cat. I have also since seen the occupant of the Victorian-inspired sitting room. I would have thought someone old or someone foreign, but it looked like a plain Vanilla Norwegian. One thing I've noticed: The light is always on in that room and the drapes are never closed. The owner generously shares his gallery with passers-by.

*) I just can't seem to get automatic archives, so I'm working on creating them manually. Sorry for the inconvenience. :-)

Oct 10, 2002

The big discussion amongst astrologers this week is Quaoar, the new world found beyond Pluto. The astrological discussion is about what Quaoar will represent symbolically.

There was a similar discussion when Pluto was discovered. Some of the things in the news at the time of Pluto's discovery, were the Depression and nuclear power. Here's part of a reply I made on the newsgroup alt.astrology:

Make a note of the news events that happened at the same time the discovery was announced and what happens in the following year. That should give you an idea of what energies and trends Quaoar would be associated with. That's what they did with Pluto. That's one reason why it is associated with nuclear energy.

Right now, I'd say the freakish weather we had this summer and the stir in the Middle East should give us some idea of what Quaoar may be about. Nothing plain vanilla, for sure. :-)

And who is Quaoar? A Native American god who came down to Earth to create order out of chaos, and then the animals and then us. Funny thing is, he's from my neck of the woods, Los Angeles. :-)

Oct 9, 2002

Took the day off to go with my grandma to the hospital. A one-day adventure for both of us. Neither of us are familiar with the hospital, really. Rather fun to see how they take X-rays, what the employee cafeteria is like, and seeing other sections of the hospital. We gals browsed the newsstand together, too. And all the news was good: Grandma's broken arm is all healed.

It's odd pushing someone around in a wheelchair. My grandma doesn't like going too fast, so I didn't move as fast I would without her. That gave me the sensation of being in slow-motion in a sped-up world, because everyone else was moving at their (my) usual pace. I also had to change my thinking when meeting others in the corridors, especially ones pushing hospital beds: I had to stop much earlier with a wheelchair than if I were walking, simply to make sure nobody had to swing; neither us with the wheelchair or the others with beds. I have no experience manouvering wheelchairs. I goofed a couple of times, but not badly. :-)

Oct 8, 2002

It looked at first like the worst possible timing: The only time my dentist could see me was the exact same time I had a doctor's appointment. But my tooth ached and due to other circumstances, I didn't have much flexibility. The fact that my tooth had started to ache in the midst of other health issues seemed liked lousy timing, too.

I dashed off to the dentist, a bit worried. Something was stuck between my wisdom tooth and molar. I thought it was a bit of my gum, since it hurt to touch it. I also thought it would heal on its own. It had been like that for a couple of weeks. The dentist saw some inflammation. He pulled out the "gum". It was a husk from some grain.

Stupid of me not to check myself? No. It was a blessing in disguise. My dentist noticed that my wisdom tooth was already interfering with my bite and that it will become a bigger problem. I had sometimes wondered about whether or not to keep it. Now the Universe has acted for me. My dentist pulled the wisdom tooth. Actually, he levered it out, nice and easy. I was in and out in 25 minutes and we joked the whole time. My pulled wisdom tooth is now in a little box together with another wisdom tooth I had pulled. No more problems.

It's like whatever's happening now, is a sort of spring cleaning – "Take care of this, look after that." – saving me trouble farther down the road. I was supposed to have a small piece of grain husk irritating me for two weeks.

Oct 7, 2002

I've had a bit of a woo-woo weekend. It isn't just the Full Moon that brings out the whackos; they/we are out and about on a New Moon, too.

A friend of mine, who's psychic (I claim) and gives Tarot readings, and I went to a movie. Afterwards we went looking for a café she'd heard had someone who would read your fortune in coffee grinds. We found a restaurant that looked right and decided to try it. Persian food and Persian decorations. Very lush, very nice. Woo-woo experience No. 1: The restaurant was in the same place a New Age bookstore used to be, and I used to give readings at that bookstore.

After dinner and enough red wine to keep me happy, my friend volunteered to give me a Tarot reading. I was quite pleased with it. That's woo-woo 2. We ordered Turkish coffee just to give it a try. And then the woo-woo stuff just kept rolling. The restaurant owner had heard we were looking for the coffee-grind reader. He was him. He read our coffee grinds, my friend gave him and his wife a Tarot reading, and I did his astrology chart.

Sunday I watched a new show on TVNorge, "Fornemmelse for mord", which is all about psychics helping people solve unsolved crimes in Norway.

Definitely an "out there" weekend. I love this stuff! :-D

Oct 6, 2002

Someone told me Mars was now going to be visible next to the new Moon. I tried to see it this morning, as the Moon rose above the mountain, but it was overcast. :-(

However, in trying to find some information about this, I came across Astronomy at Talcott Science Center. Here, under monthly events, I read for October:

"On Oct. 6 the Moon reaches its second closest perigee distance of the year (356,918 km). With a New Moon occuring at nearly the same time, extra large tides will occur." Just so you know.

Oct 3, 2002

Leaves falling from birch trees like gold rain. A gentle drizzle brought on by the lightest touch of breeze or bird. Beautiful!

I've noticed that the birch trees change color regardless of the temperature. I think they go by amount of daylight. As the days start to shorten, they start to turn yellow and then gold and then rusty orange. In the dimness of twilight, the leaves seem to shine.

There is a birch tree right outside my living room window. It has shown me that I have made some wrong assumptions about trees. I've been taught they shed their leaves and then go to into a sort of state of suspended animation until spring, doing nothing all winter. Not so! In February, the birch tree's naked silhouette becomes subtlely less naked: It puts out flower buds – long, knobly things. There may still be snow and freezing temperatures for another couple of months, but the tree is doing something, regardless.

Oct 1, 2002

I'm a voyeur. Autumn evenings make it so easy. People don't always close their drapes.

I look in the windows of the apartment buildings on my walk and see pieces of life and variations in taste. One children's room in one apartment is painted red. The sibling's room is bright yellow. I wonder how well they sleep. In another apartment, the walls between the children's rooms has been knocked down. In their place is a Victorian-inspired sitting room, crowded with paintings and knick-knacks. The walls are soft green and the couch is dark red velvet. What catches my eye is the bright green mushroom-shaped lamp which is always on. One little girl's room of 6 square meters is crammed with young feminity: Soft pink walls, round mirror with white whicker frame, bed with white chiffon draping, dainty figurines covering the white chest of drawers, teddy bear occupying a whole corner. Other rooms I see on my walk show average sloppiness: half-closed drapes; an ironing board leaning against the window; clothes draped over a chair; books in a pile on a shelf; a poster breaking lose from the wall, one corner at a time. Two apartments almost a building apart have the exact same curtains in the bedroom.

There are sounds, too. Voices that penetrate the glass of closed windows. Someone bangs a pot in the kitchen. From one open bedroom window I hear a guitar being strummed. From another, a flute is played with errors. Music practice.

I love autumn. In the dark, the lit rooms of complete strangers become my own personal entertainment. In the dark, the lit rooms glow with warmth and welcome. Makes me wish they weren't all strangers.

I don't know why, but this picture (and its title) always makes me laugh. NicePussy_closeup.jpg. I click on this link whenever I need a pick-me-up.

I don't know why, but this picture (and its title) always makes me laugh. NicePussy_closeup.jpg. I click on this link whenever I need a pick-me-up.