Jul 31, 2002

Went and got my hair cut today. I have been going to the same hairdresser for 20 years. I have not had the same cut, though. My hairdresser is bold and creative and gets me to try new things, while taking into consideration that I have very fine, straight hair.

There are two things I always look for first when I move to a new town: A hairdresser and a dentist. My hair and my teeth are important. I also don't switch once I find a hairdresser or dentist I'm happy with. I've also been going to the same dentist's office for 20 years (my original dentist died several years ago, though).

There is an astrological reason for this: I have a bunch of planets in Capricorn in my 1st house. Here's the translation: Capricorn represents longevity or things that take time. The first house has to do with appearance. One of my Capricorn planets is Saturn, which rules bones, including teeth. Another of my Capricorn planets is Venus, the ruler of beauty and things feminine. My longest relationships have been with my hairdresser and dentist. ;-)

Jul 30, 2002

Every Tuesday (my time) I check out "Comics I Don't Understand". I can't remember now how I came across this page, but I enjoy it. It's a good laugh. There are also links to About.com's crime news so I get to read about some of the criminal (and legal) idiocy going on in America.

Speaking of which, the US Postal Service has its own investigators for crimes committed using the mail. I am now watching – for the 3rd time – "The Inspectors", a movie about two postal inspectors who investigate a bombing. It's been given a so-so rating in our local newspaper, which I think is too low. The movie's intelligent, the two main characters are three-dimensional and I love their interaction.

Jul 29, 2002

Be careful what you ask for; you just may get it. *giggle*

Someone posted this in the body of a post on an astrology newsgroup: "Basic chart drawing". One skeptic gave this reply: http://www.gimp.org/. Well, I thought it was funny. (Also made me wish I had Unix – just for a moment.)

Anyway, if you are wondering where to get a basic astrology chart drawn, there are the powerful and free on-line services of Astrodienst.

Jul 26, 2002

One of the nice things about the commercial Norwegian TV-stations, are their weather forecasters. The cutest guys are on TVNorge. Take a look here and go down the row of photos to where it says "Værmelder".

For the other half: Want to check out Norwegian blondes? They're on TV2. Go here and check out the pix at the bottom (you'll need a Flash plug-in and frame-aware browser). The one at the very left, Siri, is a gorgeous scientist. Yes, they exist in real life. She's a meteorologist and founded the weather forecasting firm Storm Weather Center.

What made me think of this? I just saw the weather. :-)

Jul 25, 2002

I use a Mac. One of the keys on a Mac keyboard is the Command key, which sports an apple (like the logo) and a "feature" symbol (illustrated here). This symbol is used on road signs in Scandinavia to show historical sites or sites of special interest (like museums). This page gives a good description of how this symbol came to be used on the Mac and on the road signs, but what I can't find is what the symbol originally meant in Viking times (if anything). Can anyone tell me or point me to a web-page?

Jul 24, 2002

Am watching the news. Weather is nuts in Turkey, there's a heatwave in Moscow – and a huge asteroid may hit the Earth in 2019. It's named NT7 and if it hits, it will disrupt our atmosphere and climate for years. Feb 1 2019 is the first time the asteroid will cross our orbit. So, do we worry? Weeell... Does make me think of the Mayan calendar, which ends on the Winter Solstice 2012. Some people seem to think that this means the end of the world. Why else would the Mayans not continue their calendar? This piece of writing – unverified as it is – gives an easy-to-understand explanation (there's a reference to a rather technical astrology article). You may have heard that there's a huge cycle of about 26,000 years. The Mayans believe that cycle ends on December 21 2012. It's the end of an age, not the end of a world. Big difference.

But let me share something incredibly beautiful with you, another "gift" from outer space: Taken from the Kitt Peak Observatory, here is a stunning view of the Eagle nebula. Enjoy!

Nothing like a new toy. Something new to fiddle around with and learn from. I have the Moon in Gemini. That means, when I was born, the Moon was in the tropical sign of Gemini. I say "tropical sign" so you know I don't mean the constellation Gemini because the Moon wasn't actually shining against a backdrop of stars called Gemini when I was born. That's the difference between astrology and astronomy.

Anyway, the point to mentioning Moon in Gemini is that it is part of what makes me love having something new to fiddle around with and learn from. Gemini makes for inquisitive and restless minds, and needs constant mental stimulation. So today I learned how to "hardwire" the colors I want for my blog and had fun with that little discovery.

Jul 23, 2002

Det vil hende at mine tanker er på norsk. Det skyldes at det som hendte, hendte på norsk. Som i dag, da en som heter Annette lot oss på no.alt.undring se hennes rotter, som denne. Og akkurat denne lille, brune rottefrøkenen var den som fikk meg til å tenke på en annen, norskspråklig opplevelse – som også ble en aha-opplevelse.

Jeg var innom zoo-forretningen for å kjøpe en del ting til katten min, og mens jeg stod der, klar til å gi ekspeditrisen pengene mine, oppdaget jeg noe rørte seg på kragebenet hennes. En brun rotte. Et nydelig, sjokoladebrun dyr, med både blanke øyne og blank pels. Som på bildet til Annette. Nysgerrig og trygg flyttet rotten seg rundt halsen til ekspeditrisen, med en kroppslig eleganse jeg aldri forventet å se i en rotte. Og jeg var forbauset over min egen fascinasjon.

Ekspeditrisen fortalte villig vekk. Rotter er intelligente. Så intelligente at de reagerer kun på eget navn, som en hund gjør. Derfor ville ikke ekspeditrisen gi rottene i zoo-forretningen navn. Ekspeditrisen selv hadde tre rotter hjemme. På jobben ville hun ta ut en og en fra burene og la dem få en "luftetur". Men navn fikk de ikke, for at ikke det skulle bli forvirring når ny eier ville kalle dem noe annet.

Og tankene mine svirret. Jeg hadde sett i zoo-forretningen at rottene var de eneste gnagerne som viste noe som helst interesse for det som skjedde utenfor burene deres. (Jeg har siden latt meg fortelle at hamstre er utrolig nærsynte, så de ser ikke det som utenfor burene deres. Men likevel...) Jeg tenkte videre på kinesisk astrologi, på det at rotten er det første dyret i den kinesiske dyrekretsen (jeg selv er født Rottens tegn). Rotten ser ut til å være det eneste dyret som klarer å overleve i radioaktive områder.

Jeg tror rotten er bedre enn sitt sykdomsspredende rykte.

This may become addicting. Or not. Anyway, today the Sun goes into Leo and we enter what are known as the Dog Days, best known for heat and milk turning sour. How did lions and dogs get mixed in together? I just found out myself at http://starryskies.com/Artshtml/dln/4-98/leo.html. More Leo stuff: The Egyptians worshiped Sirius in the days of the pyramids and before. The Sphinx originally had a lion's head but with the change in religions, the lion had to go (sort of like Christians adopting Yule as the birthday of Christ). Back when the Sphinx was made, the constellation Leo rose on the spring equinox. Today we see the constellation of Pisces.

Tomorrow the Moon will be full. Right now it's still in Capricorn, on my Saturn, approaching my Venus, so of course the first thing I did was go edit the colors of my new blog – to something a bit Saturnian: Muted (the original colors were rather pumpkinny). :-) Venus rules beauty and harmony and at the time of this writing, Venus was rising at my latitude and longitude (60N23, 5E20). Capricorn itself has nothing to do with it. Signs are a way of seeing if the current movements of the Moon, for example, are touching something in a person's own birth chart. I have Saturn in Capricorn, the Moon is in Capricorn. It's a bit like a letter actually ending up in the mailbox according to the address on the envelope it's in. BTW, the Yule reference is typical Saturn, too. :-) Think Saturnalia.

My first blog... This is all new to me. When I went to research what blogs are, I discovered an entire subculture on the Internet, with a special format and mode to the pages (like being able to view a single blog on its own page) and with bloggers linking to each other.

I'm not a journaler, really, but sometimes things do catch my attention, especially if there's an astrological spin to it. That's why I've called my new blog "Astroblog".