Oct 11, 2002

The moon was incredible this evening! It hung low and large, like a huge wedge of well-aged cheddar. I actually got hungry looking at it! I wish I had a camera so you could see it, too, completely filling the gap between two high-rises.

I have an update on my voyeuring, too (see Oct 1*): The little girl's room is being redecorated. Now that all the furniture is taken out, I can see that a mural was painted on her wall, featuring a meadow of flowers and what I believe is a cat. I have also since seen the occupant of the Victorian-inspired sitting room. I would have thought someone old or someone foreign, but it looked like a plain Vanilla Norwegian. One thing I've noticed: The light is always on in that room and the drapes are never closed. The owner generously shares his gallery with passers-by.

*) I just can't seem to get automatic archives, so I'm working on creating them manually. Sorry for the inconvenience. :-)