Sep 22, 2002

Flags are flying today in Norway. It's the birthday of the Princess Mäaut;rtha, older sister of the Crown Prince. It's also my grandma's birthday. And contrary to popular belief, not all Virgos are fixated on details. Well, the irritating details. ;-)

Anyway, a couple of friends who also enjoy astrology are coming over to join me in visiting my grandma (cake and sherry are already packed, and, yes, I do sort of feel like Little Red Riding Hood). And I have to get the house looking a bit better. Here's some help and inspiration if you are as lousy at housekeeping as I am: It's very encouraging to be told that you can do anything for 15 minutes. :-) It's also very encouraging to see just how much you can get done in just 15 minutes!

Now, I'm going to set my timer and get the vacuuming done!